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[29 Jul 2009|10:47am]
Hello again, well thats me seen the new Harry Potter film twice now. I really liked it and seems I ain't the only one. The first time I went with Simon who absolutely hates Harry Potter even though he hasn't read the books and hasn't seen any film until this new one, he went with me for my sake and when we watched it he said "that was quite good", I was so shocked. Then we decided to go with Mikey the second time, hes become a huge Harry Potter fan, we both watch the films together all the time and it was my job to explain everything while watching the new one. He loved it too. Now it turns out my sis-in-law Sam whos in Canada went to see the new one, she loved it, again like Simon shes never read a book or watched any other HP film and now shes been hiring the old films out and is determined to read the books. She like Mikey have become new HP fans. I told them all so many times if you just gave HP a chance you'd love it, now my other family members who insisted they wouldn't like the films/books want to watch/read them.

At the weekend we all went to the river festival along the Clyde in Glasgow, it was fun. We saw a pirate re-enactment where a pirate ship from Liverpool came up to Glasgow to be the bad guys, while the Tall Ship, which is always on the Clyde river, were the good guys. Cannons were going off, which were really loud and then we watched them fight each other. The pirate ship had taken 2 days to travel from Liverpool to Glasgow, our family friend Kevin was one of the people on the ship. He said at one point travelling up the ship was being rocked all ways and the crew were being sick over the sides and their bunks were all flooded from the sea coming over the sides. It must have been some sight seeing the pirate ship in the rough seas lol. Anyway there was also lots of stalls and a fairground too. Mikey, Simon and his dad and sister were shown around the pirate ship once it docked by Kevin. Mikey got his picture taken with one of the pirates, who held the sword at Mikeys throat lol. It was a good day.

I can't wait until the 8th of August as me and Si are going to see Rhys Darby from Flight of the Conchords at a gig in Edinburgh. I love Bret, Jermaine and Murray (Rhys character) from the Conchords and i've saw some of Rhys' standup show so I'm very excited! I'm a huge fan of the 3 of them.

Bye for now x
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Hello all [15 Jul 2009|11:09am]
I haven't been around in ages and thats mainly because I've been busy or too damn tired. We've just came back from Wales and it was lovely, my first time being there and I loved it. I kinda wanted to stay. Daniels so big now, into everything. Unlike Mikey hes more of a curious child, isn't afraid to go near others and just seems to enjoy being the centre of attention. Mikeys about to start primary school next month, I'm dreading that. Mainly as I have to take him to and from school and the school is quite far when you have to walk. However Si looks like hes about to become assistant manager of Wh Smith (which is a book, magazine shop) in Falkirk and that would mean we should be able to move nearer to Mikeys school either by buying a house or renting privately. My sis in law Sam is currently in Canada, shes staying there for a year and has just got a job working in a cinema in Torronto, my other sis in law has just came back from a trip to alaska where she was kayaking and such active things like that. The pics I've saw from both look amazing. My sisters are just the same old same old, although Carol seems the happiest ive ever saw her. She has a good man it seems although I have yet to meet him *hints to carol*.

I'm on bebo practically everyday if anyones missing me and wants to stay more in contact with me. I also add pics regularly.

anyways i better go get Daniel milk and take the remote controls off him before he does something to the tv that i can't fix lol

adios, hope your all well :-)
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Facebook [23 Nov 2008|03:34pm]

Hi de hi, some of you may have noticed i've disapeared from facebook. Reason is I can't be bothered with it, i dont get much time online these days and any time I do get online facebook is always the last place I go to, I have a BEBO and a MYSPACE though so you'll still be able to stay in touch with me on there. Oh and I'm on aol aswell, I doubt i'll chat much but you never know!

Kai x
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[24 Oct 2008|01:53pm]

How depressing is the news at the mo? Normally theres a wee happy story that makes everyone smile like a rare animal being born or a kid doing something amusing but nope just misery..they've been saying for ages "the countries on the brink of recession"..I think its pretty clear it already is in one.

As for me I'm ill with a bad cold, everyone seems to have had it and now its my turn..it seems to be you have the usual symptoms for a few days then your left with a terrible cough..i coughed so much yesterday i think i broke a ribs.Si, daniel and Mikey have had a bad cough for weeks now, same with other family members.

 I have jury duty on monday so I'm really dreading that. I would'nt have minded if i wasn't a mum and if i still lived in my old town (thats where the court it) but I will have to travel either by 2 trains or a long bus journey then i have to find babysitters, if it lasts more than 1 day and if it lasts more than that I may end up missing Mikeys halloween party at his nursery..which would suck. Also Daniels getting to the point now hes into everything, he has 4 teeth, hes starting to say words like "dada" (dad) and "tata" (bye) so I'm worried I may end up missing him walk or something..thats if it goes on for more than a day..it would be pretty unlucky if he decided to walk on the one day I'm not there. I'm hoping I get told i'm not needed!!

Hows you all doing? i'm sorry i haven't replied or been in touch earliar..busy time being a mum

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[15 Jul 2008|12:33pm]
Times are tough at the moment, poor Mikey got chicken pox on the last day of nursery before Summer and for 3 weeks we were all stuck in the house, Now Daniel has it and hes got it worse. Poor thing. Hes hardly sleeping at all. Then I started feeling unwell..very weak. Si originally felt that way before the boys got chicken pox then his sis got the same thing and now me. We think whatever that was,  it was connected to the pox. The only time the boys go out is to go in the car to my mums or Si's mums.  Daniels still contagious. Our families have all had chicken pox. They could still get shingles though or if they have a cold or whatever and their immune systems are weak, they could get the pox again but they all would rather take that chance so they can see the boys.

I'm soooooooooooooooooo tired and sore! Hopefully once Daniels better it'll be awhile before any of them are sick again. Apparently chicken pox is supposed to help your immune systems fight off any other diseases or illnesses, thats one of the reasons its good to get it young.  Mikeys almost recovered, he has a few spots that are still healing but mostly hes fine..and i think he'll get a scar on his face. Daniels covered in red spots, some are blisters (the contagious part) so it'll be a few weeks before hes normal again. Its just aswell the weather hasn't been great as it would have really sucked to have stayed in all the time.

anyways hope your all well xx
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[06 Jul 2008|12:11pm]


could you go here and vote for daniels pic, hes the only daniel on that page!!

thank ya x

you can vote for 2 others too!
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[28 Jun 2008|10:46pm]
Mikey  has chicken pox..its horrible! I had chicken pox as a baby and ive never seen anyone with the pox so this is all news to me and its rather disgusting lol. Poor Mikey, hes been good though hasn't complained and hasnt scratched much..although he did scratch his face, that'll leave a scar probably. I first noticed a few spots on wednesday and day by day, more and more have appeared. Now they are quite blistered. We've been covering him in calamine lotion but otherwise isn't much we can do. 

Daniels been a nightmare, last night was my first undisturbed nights sleep in over 6 months..thanks to Si. I've now cut down on the breastfeeding, his gums are too hard now so it can hurt and it means like last night Si can take over so i can sleep. Tonights my turn to deal with him. See he isn't really sleeping at night, everytime you lie him down he wakes or sleeps for say an hour and wakes and getting him back to sleep takes hours..sometimes he doesn't go back to sleep. So we have this whole new routine planned, i hope it works! Basically instead of holding him til he sleeps and then putting him in his cot, he'll be put in his cot and hopefully fall asleep..that way if he wakes up hes not wondering where we are or wanting us to hold him. It took about an hour tonight of him crying in the cot, us checking on him every 5 minutes before he fell asleep. Surprisingly quick..but whether he stays asleep thats the big question. He should by now be sleeping roughly 10-12 hours a night, maybe waking for a change or for food once.If he did that it would be awesome, i think it would make life easier for everyone cause lately I've been sooooooooooo tired..some nights only get 2 hours sleep. otherwise hes a wee smasher, very popular with people...he'll smile at everyone and cause of his big blue eyes and wee smile he gets lots of attention...many people commenting on his "perfect features". Total strangers come up to me in fact, which is a bit embarrassing lol. Mikey gets lots of comments on his smile and Daniel his eyes. They must get it from Si lol

So between the two fo them things are a bit hectic, any spare time i have goes on tidying up or napping really. I hardly get online so ive been awol from the board.
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Please vote! [15 Jun 2008|12:25am]
So I entered a pic of Si and Daniel into a fathers day competition. I need votes, its not the best pic but its nice of them and any votes help..plus you can vote for others anyways so a wee vote for us wont hurt lol

So if you wanna vote then..

Just go to  http://www.hippbabyclub.co.uk/competition_search.php search for the unigue id 6295 and vote for them!! thank ya..i could win shopping vouchers and a baby blanket!

By the way its been ages since i last updated, ive been so tired and basically been awol from the net, i check emails, mesgs etc then usually I'm too tired to do anything else but lie around watching tv, looking after the boys, tidying or sleeping..Daniels now just over 6 months, hes not been sleeping well but hopefully that'll change. Hes a very happy baby, always smiling and hes very popular with people..total strangers will stop and chat to me or comment on him and his huge blue eyes and constant smiling lol. Mikeys awesome, hes a good brother and every day he says something funny..hes so smart. Both tire me out soooooooooooooooooooo much though lol but since daniels now eating proper baby food aswell as milk and hes being more active then hes sleeping a bit better all the time (lets hope it stays that way).

So thanks again if you vote, much appreciated!! Im a bit annoyed its only a baby competition cause i have a really beautiful pic of si and mikey which i think would win any competition for older kids and their dads.
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Happy Birthday Carol! [11 Jun 2008|10:33am]

Happy 21st birthday to Carol for tomorrow!! (can't believe your that age already!!). 

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[08 Apr 2008|01:57pm]
I have the best hubby ever, Si bought me an ipod yesterday to cheer me up as I'd had a tough night the night before!! He says he was gonna buy me one anyway after he found out Carol got one for £98. It was such a surprise, he'd phoned after work and said he needed to go to Glasgow for paint and i thought ok see you later, turns out that was a lie so he could have an excuse to go to Glasgow without me getting suspicious and even when he gave me the HMV bag I assumed he'd bought me wee books with nice quotes in it..something small like that. Couldn't believe it when I saw the shiny silver Ipod nano 4gb! What a man. Hes a great liar though which is worrying lol..thats the second time in a month hes said he was doing something when really he was buying me something lol

Then today I'm even more happy as our new laptop arrived!! We got it free as we upgraded our internet service provider..double the fun!!  I have to wait til Si gets home to open it though but I jumped for joy when it arrived lol Im sure the courier heard me shout "yay!" when he left.

Crappy thing is Daniels got a really bad cough..it sounds awful like hes choking but Mikeys got a cough too so we are assuming its just a bad cough and docs cant really do anything to help babies with coughs and colds. So hes making me exhausted. Mikeys also off nursery for 2 weeks cause its the spring holidays so double the trouble! Im in need of a very long (uninterrupted) sleep!

Hope your all well!
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my dads an asshole [09 Mar 2008|11:57am]

Well it seems its good I live so far away from my father I've obviously been so far away I've not realised hes still a first class twat. I can honestly say I wish he'd die..I hate him that much. I know to many people thats awful but if you had a dad like us you'd wish it too. It would be a relief!

Basically hes always been a bully, hes worst when hes drunk. However when hes sober he doesnt really talk to us much anyway and can be really moody. On friday i was at mums as usual. Turned up and mum was upstairs and dad was listening to music up at its very highest (deafening) level, he was drunk and annoying, as usual when hes drunk. 

As the night wore on he was basically trying to wind us all up, saying some really nasty things about Simon, about my sisters fiance, about my other sister and worst of all my mum..he was so horrible to her. Calling her names, pushing her..if it wasn't for Carol getting in his way a few times I think he'd have hurt mum. Hes soooooooooo evil. We all tried to stay quiet, smiling and nodding along at whatever he said so hopefully he'd go to bed and give us all peace but he kept coming back. Then at one point he went up to mum with a glass in his hand and just stared at her, like really close to her face and she jokingly made a face at him and he seemed to rage at her (i thought he was gonna smash the glass in her face) and Mikey saw this so I went and got Mikey. Dad was like "hes alright" and I said "no hes not I dont want him seeing you treat my mum like that" and he said the usual "och get a life". He then kept swearing over and over after both my mum and sister had asked him not to because Mikey picks things up easily, by this point Im getting really pissed off with him. Then I'm reading the paper while Diane (my eldest sis) is holding daniel, Dan cries which is ok I dont wanna run up and grab him, its alright to let a kid cry for a wee bit plus I was nearly finished reading anyway and dads like "Karen! Karen!" (in a really patronising way) "daniel wants you" and I just felt like he was teling me what to do with my own kids. I stayed quiet but annoyed and took Daniel. He then continued to swear and I flipped. I asked him to stop swearing and he started going on and on about "education being a wonderful thing" (his annoying motto), he said "Mikey needs to learn to be streetwise" and no one tells him what to do. I'm now seeing red. I basically asked him to stop shouting at me, I repeated that a million times and he said "no one tells me what to do" and I said I'm not telling you I'm asking" and then when he said about Mikey being streetwise I said "for goodness sake hes 4, hes got a long time before he needs to be streetwise and anyway your his grandad he doesn't need to learn bad words from his own grandad". I was told to get a life, he said "you think your kids are better than everyone elses" to which i said "no i dont but I dont think i want my 4 year old learning words like that and seeing you treat mum like rubbish". At one point I stood up (with dan still in my arms) and Im right at his face (he tries to scare people with going right in to your face but I was not for backing down). and Im saying "I'm asking you to stop swearing and stop treating people you supposed to love like crap". i said "do you care about anyone?" No he said "do you like seeing people upset?" as by this point mikeys crying and so is my nephew martin and he says "yes" and I said well your nothing but a sad pathetic old man, go away and stop being an idiot. He went to the toilet and came back but my oldest sis was telling him off aswell. He was still trying to get at me though but she stood in his way.

He really is a disgusting horrible man. I was breastfeeding, now this is my own dad and hes saying really inappropriate comments like he wishes he could do that. He then tried to hug me and felt my bum..whats that about? hes my dad!!!! I was disgusted and horrified. He then talked about sex and sexual things in front of the kids and us (no one wants to hear your dad say stuff like that). He also kept shouting "suck my dick" to my mum in front of Mikey. Arghhhh i hate him. This was only some of the stuff he did all night, he really spoiled it for us. My mums such a lovely lady and he treats her like shit, he calls her names put her down, blames her for everything. he was violent when I was small..like he pushed her a few times and hurt her cause she'd fall horribly. He always made me cry when I got upset by it and then criticised you for crying. He'd punch things. He grabbed me by  the throat once  and threatened us all at one point. My other sis once kicked him in the balls to prevent him hurting her and as always by the monday morning "he'd say sorry, I was drunk". We are now all sick of it to the point none of us likes him, we all want him to just die and give us all a rest. My mum doesnt deserve it, alot of people say leave but shes the one whos kept the house so well, she looks after the cats the house itself, she has friends next door, she likes it there plus he'd get everything she'd have nothing and she still feels for him because she saw him at his best. Yesterday i found out mum left to go to my sisters because dad was blaming her for us not liking him, I had told him if he acts like this he'll not see his grandkids to which he said he "didnt care". Its sick hes the one to blame for us hating him. Hes always made our lifes hell. 

Si says hes "scum", Rab my sisters fiance said he'd have " knocked him out" and they were both disgusted at his breastfeeding comments. Me well I hate him, I've never hated someone so much and I wish he'd leave and never come back. carols amazing, he seems almost scared of her..I think its cause shes the youngest daughter. While shes there shes mums protector and confidante. Today (sunday) is when hes apparently at his worst and I'm so worried about mum being around him. I've always gave him the benefit of the doubt but now I dont even wanna call him dad. Dads too nice a word for him. Hes evil, a sick sad old man! I will be relieved when he dies and I hope its soon..hes bound to be killing himself with drink anyway. Known our luck the old bastard will outlive us all!! I know its sounds awful but if you had him in your life you'd wish he was out of it too.

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[20 Feb 2008|02:59pm]

So last night was jolly good. I went to see Consenting Adults (again) with Simon. We both waited for a while before the doors opened,  it didn't seem that busy then I spotted Sean and said to Si, his comment was "oh he has a wee beard..cool". He was unshaven, shortish hair. black t-shirt and jeans with holes in them at the knee caps.  We went in and Sean, the producer, writer and another dude was introduced to us and then we sat and watched the screening. I actually forgot that it was  funny in parts..its a drama really about the whole gay rights thing that wolfenden was involved in. Sean plays Jeremy (Wolfendens Gay son) and won a Scottish Bafta award for best actor for his role (well deserved by the way). Anywho at the end Sean and the other guys came back out after sitting at the back watching it with the rest of us then a guy from Bafta Scotland asked some questions. 

He basically asked where the idea came from and they talked about meeting Wolfendens daughters, then the audience asked questions. I couldn't think of anything lol which sucked but anyways one question was "when will it be shown in America" and the answer was "we dont know " to which Sean said "you could always download it illegally" lol. Then someone else asked if it would be shown on primetime tv (ie bbc 1, 2 or itv 1, channel 4 or 5) and the answer was  basically that they were hoping it would be one day but for now it was only shown for 5 days on bbc3. Then the writer said "you could all write to the bbc and demand its shown on bbc2 or something" and Sean said "why they've seen it?" which got a laugh. 

I was 3 rows from the front with Simon, so Sean walked right by me to go to and from the stage, at the end I could easily have tapped him on the shoulder and said something but my shyness took hold lol I just thought it was cool to get so close to begin with(that sounded kinda portuch like sorry) but have to say I regret not saying something to him. Si also had a good time, he enjoyed Consenting Adults and he thought Sean was an "amusing fellow". Hes admitted hes becoming a bit of a fan of Seans after seeing Cashback and now Consenting Adults. Unfortunately he will not watch Harry Potter lol. Oh and the other thing that struck me was Sean fidgets alot, he seemed kinda nervous or maybe it was uncomfortable with attention. As we were leaving I really could have thrown rocks and injured him severely or just talked to him as I was right next to him but my damn shyness stopped me. Then another lady who was kinda scary kinda jumped in front of him and said "oh Sean well done, great work,. I love it! I loved it i really did" lol. 

Im regretting not talking to him now though.

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[19 Feb 2008|12:10pm]
Gonna see Sean tonight (providing I dont fall ill before then) looking forward to it and it better be worth it lol. Poor Si's not exactly looking forward to going to watch a gayish tv drama with a dude in it I like lol and he misses football on tv! Still it was a Valentines gift its only right I see it with him.

Mikeys been ill since Friday..poor wee guy has a tummy bug, hes away to the docs now but the nurse we spoke to on the phone seemed to suggest there was nothing they could do but let it pass itself..which is a shame as he hasn't ate properly since Friday. I just hope me, Si and Daniel don't fall ill now!
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[15 Feb 2008|07:26am]

I hope everyone had a good Valentines day,? Mines was..rather shit to be honest! I'm currently having problems sleeping and not just cause of Daniel, I try to sleep then it feels like my hearts racing and it keeps me awake. I'm exhausted but just can't sleep. Yesterday was hard because I had only got 2 hours sleep the night before and then getting up and having to deal with two boys is difficult. I tend to fall asleep ok then when Daniel gets up around 4ish , gets fed then goes back to sleep but i cant get back to sleep. Then last night (its just past 7.30 am now) I fell asleep and it was a good wee sleep for the first time in a long time then at 4am daniel wakes, but I can't get back to sleep. I tried drinking tea..since my mother used to say a hot drinks good for getting you to sleep. That didn't work. I'm just completely exhausted and cant sleep..its like my bodies awake and my head wants to sleep.

Anyways Valentines was nice in that Si got me a cool hoodie and fluffy socks, my sisters will be jealous off lol, he also gave me chocs aswell as the tickets to see Sean next week (see my last post if you have no idea what im taling aboot).. His card was lovely too..the words were just beautiful, he also has been lovely helping me when he can..hes amazing! I gave him chocs and he ordered dvds but i feel bad i didnt get him more. Och well..i'll tell him to treat himself to a xbox game or something.

Todays  Mikeys 4th birthday!! I'm sitting here now surrounded by all his pressies waitng for him to get up and open them, hes so spoiled..they both are! Still their ma boys! Mikeys been great with Daniel and hes much more confident since Dan arrived. Today though hes gonna start wearing proper pants instead of nappies (training pants) and hes gonna throw away his dummy! I'm dreading it really but i think we have to really incourage him to start being a "big boy". Hes brilliant at saying when he needs a poo but he just cant seem to tell you when he needs a pee, he will sometimes but others he'll say "i forgot" or "it just came out" so i'm a bit worried he'll have an accident at nursery or something. Then the dummy  he only really has when hes tired and for the last month we've said "when its your birthday your gonna throw it away", hes agreed but somehow i think there will be tantrums! Still Si's aunt was saying when her girls turned 4 they told her it was time to be a "big girl" and throw her dummies away..she did and didnt need them after that. Heres hoping that works for us! Today should be good for Mikey..hes gonna have his dad to play with all day whos gonna take him to play football and play with toys and then he'll go to nursery then off to his grandma and papas for his spiderman cake and more pressies, hes gonna get a mc'donalds for dinner (doesnt happen often) and then he'll go see my mum and dad and sisters and get more pressies. Lucky boy!

Jees Im tired *yawn*

P.S I just learned theres been another shooting at a school/college in the US. I always think of all my American friends so I hope your all safe and well. By the way whats the deal with all the shootings..there seems to have been so many recently.
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I'm going to see Mr Biggerstaff!!! [01 Feb 2008|02:22pm]

A screening of Consenting Adults will be screened at Glasgow film theatre as part of the Glasgow film festival and Sean and the director will be introducing it...and I'll be there!

My hubby got me tickets for my Valentines pressie!! Smile 

I've already seen it when it was on tv but Si knows I like Sean and hes became a fan himself sinse seeing Cashback so he got me tickets.

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exhausted! [25 Jan 2008|11:58am]
I'm Soooooooooo tired, I also have a cold which is making me feel worse. I'm hardly getting any sleep just now..maybe 4 hours at most, Daniel just doesn't seem to sleep long at all..Si tries to help me but with him going to work at 7ish hes getting even less sleep than I am. My heads killing me i need to sleep so much. 

Its much harder having a kid second time round, the first time you could sleep whenever the baby slept this time you have another kid to look after and have to be awake for them too. I also stayed with Simons family for the first year with Mikey so they would take him while i slept, they maybe just looked after him or got him to sleep so all i had to do was feed him..so that way i got sleep plus Si wasn't working as much, he just helped in his grandads shop so he was around more to help me out. I'll be glad when Daniel sleeps more consistently. Ifi get 4 hours its all broken up, so like 30 mins at a time adding up to 3 hours..which if your me is annoying as I take ages to get to sleep once I'm woke up.  I'm hoping to get a long sleep tomorrow so Si will look after him in between feeds then Sunday Si will get a long lie too. Thats the only bad thing about breastfeeding..the mum has to do it so therefore needs to be awake every few hours.

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Happy New Year!! [03 Jan 2008|11:28am]
Happy new year everyone!! 

I didn't really do anything at Hogmanay, dont like new year since its really just an excuse for people to get drunk and argue..so i tend to just have a quiet one, this one was quieter than normal..I think most people just stayed up to say Happy new year then went to bed like us. I was also too tired to bother with it aswell. New years day was my dads 60th birthday though so went to see him and my sister brought her new husky dogs over so we could see them..highlight of our day lol such lovely dogs which is alot coming from me as I'm not all that keen on dogs.

Christmas was awesome! We got so much stuff. Mikey imparticular got soooooooooo much that I have no room for it all..two of his bigger pressies have to stay in the living room cause his rooms full of stuff, we definitely need a bigger house. Daniel didnt get much this year since hes just a baby so I guess its the last year Mikey will be spoiled rotten at Christmas.

I've been so damn tired lately that I haven't been online much, I've basically spent most of my time running around after two boys. Daniel feeds every 3 or so hours, so I get about 2 hours sleep at a time (if i'm lucky) which is about 5 hours a night. Exhausting stuff and its much worse this time round as we have to look after Mikey too so can't just sleep whenever Daniel does.  As for Daniel hes doing well, he was born 7lb 15 and hes now 9lb 4.(hes just turned 4 weeks old) .but is probably much bigger now since that was his weight a week ago. Hes so heavy my arms ache and I've had to wear a bandage on my wrist lol. Hes doing well I just wish he'd sleep more at night. Mikeys great with him and Mikeys also at that stage where he's always asking "why" to everything, yesterday he asked the best question yet, "why do i always ask why?". How do you answer that? lol

Not much else to say other than Hope you all have a great 2008!!
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[13 Dec 2007|03:07pm]
I am  quite frankly shattered lol..dont think i've been this tired before, BUT I'm coping surprisingly well although thats because Simons been such a star and hes been making me feel attractive too (since I feel kinda disgusting at the mo). Still thats all part of having a baby. He goes back to work next week and I'm dreading it, its gonna be really hard with two boys who are both demanding! Daniels a great baby, he gets breastfed roughly every 3 hours but he sleeps most of the time during the day..he'll wake for food and go back to sleep sometimes while im trying to feed him lol. Mikeys been awesome, the boy has so much confidence now, hes been talking to strangers about Daniel..I think because hes now a big brother hes started being a big brave boy. Hes had the odd tantrum which we think is him after attention but mostly hes been great.

I'm pretty much back to normal body wise, my stomach kinda looks like an old grannies lol but i'm back to my thin self again, the stretch marks are pretty nasty this time due to me putting on alot of weight but i think they'll eventually fade aswell..best part is my boobs, how i wish they'd stay this way forever lol their huge for once in my life!!
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new baby!! [06 Dec 2007|04:01pm]
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So as carols already updated about my news, I felt I should tell you all a wee bit more and also his actual weight. I got out of hospital last night after a day, Daniel is now 2 days old. Hes really good. He was 7lb 15, much heavier than Mikey and he was born after 2 hours of labour..very quick. So quick in fact I couldn't have any pain relief except gas and air and by the end that was useless too.

On the Monday night my stomach was really tight and sore but i thought maybe it was just cause i still had a bit of the tummy bug i had last week, i woke up at 7am after Si was late for work and cried to him i was in agony..but still i thought either i'm ill or theres something up with baby. I was supposed to go for a hospital check up the tuesday afternoon so tried to go back to sleep and i'd ask them when I went for the appointment. Anyways by 9am i could hardly move, i was in agony. I phoned Si at work and said "listen i'm too sore, i'm in agony" and he said "should i come home?" but i wasnt sure as i still didn't feel in labour. Anyways he came home, his boss gave him a lift. At that point i was thinking i must be in labour, phoned the hospital though and they werent sure so didn't want to send out an ambulance if it was just braxton hicks..so ended up getting a taxi into glasgow(which is about 20 minutes or more depending on traffic and it cost £25..it was hell!!). Mikey stayed with Simons mum who I think I screamed at aswell lol. I was screaming, i was squeezing Simons hands so much i wanted to hurt him so bad lol then we got there and I was screaming "it hurts", "i cant do it, give me something for the pain" and i refused to move a few times lol finally got me in and the midwife says "oh looks like you've been in labour all night and the car journey has speeded it up". 2 hours later at 11.53am Daniel Antonio Salveta was born. It was all so quick but Im extremely proud of myself..I gave birth to a huge baby with no pain relief..so he nor I were drugged up. However absolutely agony!!

I'm now ok, i'm a little sore but good, after I got home and had some sleep (6 hours) i felt so much better as I couldn't sleep in hospital. Mikeys doing well, he doesnt really like it when Daniel cries but he seems to be quite fascinated by it all. He went to nursery yesterday and Si hadn't told anyone about me but when Si went to pick Mikey up again Mrs Kerr, Mikeys teacher said "oh i hear you have news, Daniel is it?" and Si told them everything else. So we all thought that was cute that Mikey had told people. I went with him today to nursery and all the mums and teachers were around us and going all mushy over Daniel and Mikey, Daniel got some money aswell which was lovely of them but most women couldn't believe I was out walking around so quickly. I mean I feel so much better after having better sleep last night, I am a bit sore but I only got a graze down below lol, the only other time it hurts is the afterpains..which happen when I breastfeed. They happen to all women but when you breastfeed it speeds up the process of your womb and uterus going back to normal so it can hurt just as much as labour pains..so i love my painkillers lol. My stomach looks horrible but Si assures me it was just as weird last time and that went back to normal so hopefully this will too. Going to see my family tonight to show off my boys lol..I'm gonna have my work cut out for me THREE men and little old me!

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still here [30 Nov 2007|11:05am]
So its exactly a week today til my due date and i'm surprised I haven't went into labour yet, the last week has been very stressful and horrible. I guess this baby is a strong little thing. Basically after the whole carry on with my sister (see last blog) we all ended up with a tummy bug, we had sickness, diarrheoa, coughing etc and just feeling so weak we couldn't do much for ourselves. We also all lost our appetites..none of which has been good for the baby. I'm still getting over it..I still feel sickish, I dont feel i can eat much and the coughing hurts my tummy so much it makes me feel sick too..all of which is very sore. Mikeys doing better although he has a sore tummy at times cause hes still got diarrheoa. It was so bad Simon for the first time since I met him was physically sick and was so ill he had to stay off work..now this is a guy who'd go to work no matter what but he was feeling it really bad aswell. On the tuesday when we were all pretty ill at the same time it was really hard as me and Si had to help Mikey even though we could barely help ourselves. I also missed my hospital appointment cause I wasn't feeling well, but I have another one on tuesday(if I dont have the baby before then). As for my sister, shes apparently not coming over to mums. Now apart of me thinks "thank the Lord" cause in all honesty if shes gonna turn up and act like a prat i dont want her there but another part thinks shes just making herself even more of an outsider!

Anyway..although i'm still not great...we brought over the moses basket that used to be Mikeys and the old baby car seat and stuff for this new baby, we also bought a brand new Christmas tree. Normally we wouldn't put a tree up til 2 weeks before Christmas but as this baby is due at anytime we thought it would be nice that the house is all Christmassy for his or her arrival. So we'll probably do that tomorrow. Also if I'm feeling ok Simons mum and dad are taking us shopping to get a new chest of drawers to put the babies clothes in..since we dont have much room i have no idea where that'll go lol. Mainly though I can't wait to go Christmas shopping!! We have so much to get which most of it we'll get this weekend. I'm hoping this baby makes an appearance tomorrow night, sunday night or one night next week..I wanna be out of hospital for Mikeys Christmas show, parties etc. I was very proud of that little monkey yesterday..for the first time i took him to nursery and he didn't wait to say goodbye he ran off with other boys and played with dinosaurs. I had to shout on him a few times to get a wave goodbye lol. Hes doing really well. Theres one slight problem Si doesn't know if he wants to call a baby girl Katelyn, why? well because the spelling is a problem. He hates the C spellings of the name, doesn't really like the Kaitlyn spelling and because he hasnt seen the spelling we like anywhere (like on bears, keyrings, etc) he thinks it might be best either choosing a different name or spelling. I could throttle him..I'm not letting him change it, as far as I'm concerned the spelling isn't important and if you really want something with that spelling on it you could send of for personalised things. I mean the shops dont always have my name in them and Karens popular. men!
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